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I have a slide with six layers. The first five layers are triggered by a tab graphic that shows the layer it is associated with when clicked on. The sixth layer is an error message that tells the learners that they must view all of the five tabs before the Next button will work, a button on this layer returns the learner to the slide base. Until then the Next button shows the error layer. I have set conditions on the Player trigger that the state of the tabs must be Visited before the Next button works. I have it working if the learner clicks each tab in a left to right sequence. I would like to have them be able to view each layer randomly but prevent the Next button working after all five tabs are visited. I have attached a copy of the slide. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

PS: Working with Storyline 1

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Tim Slade

Hi Edward, 

Owen is correct, it's best to do this using T/F variables. I've gone ahead and added that for you. See attached. The important thing is that you make sure the trigger that shows the "error" layer has "OR" conditions. This will ensure that the "error" layer will show if ANY of the variables for each content layer is false (not viewed).

If you're able, I would also suggest editing the visited state for each tab and making them look different after the user has clicked on it them. That way your users will know which tabs they have and have not viewed. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Stephanie Harnett

Hi Edward. Agree on the use of variables but also noticed that your file has copies of each of the tabs on each of the layers. Your conditional trigger evaluates only the instance of tabs that are on the base layer. If you use just the tabs on the base layer and remove the duplicates from the other layers, your existing logic should work.

Edward Springer

Working on the variables part. Stephanie, One of the issues I was experiencing was that the objects (tabs) on the slide base were dimmed out on the layers and not accessible. That is why I replicated them on each layer. I cannot figure out why that is happening. I tried creating a new slide but it did the same thing. I opened a new project and created the slide there then copied it to my project and now it works, I can click on the tabs on the base from each layer. It was like something was covering the base objects in each layer with a semi-transparent overlay that would not allow access. Does that make any sense to anyone? I have never seen this happen before.

Tim Slade

Hi Edward,

That has to do with the layout you're using on the slide layers. Currently you're using the blank layout from the theme, which has an object preventing you from clicking on the tabs on the base layer. If you change the blank layout with nothing on it (white), it will resolve the issue.

See attached.

Edward Springer

Owen, Tim, and Stephanie,

First, thank you so much for taking time away from what I am sure are very busy schedules to help me get this to work right. I used variables, as was suggested, using Tim's example as a guide (in true learn by doing fashion I created the variable myself rather then copy and paste Tim's). I also added triggers to each tab that would set the variable to "True" when the tab was clicked. This allowed for random, rather than linear, use of the tabs. I removed the tab objects from the layers and let the tabs on the base show through to each layer. While I have no idea how, I did manage to get whatever was covering the layers removed so that the tabs are clickable in each layer. I'll also work with the states to sow which have not been visited and which have been visited (Thanks, Tim, for that suggestion).

I am glad I got this working as I did something similar recently with a safety training course and received very positive feedback from our staff on the feature. They like doing something rather than just watching and listening. Imagine that, interactive courses work!