Layers are blocking the text entries edition in my project when it is open from the html_5 file. Can someone help me figure it out?

Oct 06, 2015

Hi guys,

I am here with a big problem, i have created a cross word (it is small, so i found a way to make it work). But when I published and tried how the interactivity works in story_html5.html, starts my headache!! 

I press the button check my answer, and if a part of the answer is right shows up a layer with a hotspot to avoid the user to edit the same text entry again, but at the time this happen, all the others text entries are being blocked, even if I unckeck the option "Hide other slide layers" and "prevent the user from clicking on the base layer".

This is an important project that I need to publish, I will be very grateful!!!

Thanks in advance!

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