Layout help or best practice

Hi All,

I am looking at building a project in articulate storyline but I am having trouble deciding on the best approach/layout.

I want to build a software simulation/guide help file for customers to follow that are having problems or just feel better following instructions.

I have attached an example of the first attempt, the customer would like on different parts of the screen to try installation type or branch.

I am not sure that I like the layout with the speech bubbles over the screen and wondered if you guys had any tips/ideas for me.



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michelle eames

I think I prefer the first on, but pehaps off set Tracy and so you have a gap at the side and the question i  a speech bubble abve her.  I might go for having her on the same side of the screen as in example 2.

I personally found with example 2 although great I was looking at all the screen elements rather than the content.