Learn Shadows & Reflections


I would like to learn how to do 3D, shadows, and reflections effects so that I can make custom shadows and reflections using the format button instead of using the presets.

I essentially want to create the graphic as shown in this discussion but as you can see, there are different styles of 3D, shadows, and reflections.  And since I do not know the basics behind it, I am unable to do this.




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Sammy Hwang

Have you ever tried Adobe illustrator?


The most important difference between Illustrator and Photoshop is that Illustrator is for Vector image (You are not going to get a blurred image, even if you enlarge it) and Photoshop is for Bitmap image. (You are going to get a blurred one) I am not sure you like to create a shiny 3D dice. But, even in powerpoint 2010, you can create a dice-like object. I hope this helps.

Bill Harnage

Do you want to create these objects in PPT or another app?  If PPT, then you'll need at least 2007 to get the improved drawing tools.

3D adds the Z-axis or depth of field. Where as basic images are only X-Y; top-bottom and left-right..

If you're using PPT 2007 or later play with the 3D formatting tools or try a google search for something like "Creating 3D objects in PowerPoint"

A little practice with PPT tools and you'll start to get the feel for it.

David Anderson