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Jul 23, 2013

Hi Freelancers...and now with my other eLearning "hat" on....

We all know that we need great eLearning people to create great eLearning.

With instructional design, software build-out, voiceover, graphics, video, and knowledge of LMS’s/Tin Can, it’s often more than one person, or even a group of people can handle.

Whether you are a company looking to augment your team, or a seasoned eLearning Pro looking for extra work opportunities, LearnCreate aims to be the one-stop shop for eLearning.

It works in several ways.

You may be a LearnCreate eLearning provider looking for peer assistance:

Help! I need to find a great illustrator who knows how to draw for eLearning and help me out on my project”

You might be a company looking for some help where your team do not have experience:

Where do I find someone who can help get our eLearning away from the Corporate PowerPoint look and feel?”.

You may be a company looking for a fully managed service - we'll find the people and run the project to your specification through a dedicated project-room for you.

Whatever you are looking for, we can help.

Crowdsourcing eLearning staff is the new way to work, and we’re leading that movement.

With several successful crowd-sourced projects completed over the last few months, we now need to grow our crowd of eLearning providers. Are you part of that elite group? When you apply, how will your profile prove it?

Loads more to come, loads of infrastructure to help new freelancers being planned, and significant “behind the scenes” effort from a group of dedicated learning professionals, themselves crowdsourced from around the World.

Do you want to join the eLearning elite, be part of a skilled "guild" of eLearning Pros, the place where anyone in our industry can look for anyone else in our industry?

If you want to join – click here http://landing.learncreate.com/talent-pool/

Bruce Graham - Chief Evangelist and Crowd Control Officer

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Bruce Graham

eTam Miller said:

Hi Bruce,

Would it not be preferable to sign up using the application form here- http://www.learncreate.com/about/ ? My internet marketing experience causes me to be very hesitant to sign up through a landing page. I don't want to be marketed to starting at email #4, ya know? 


That page is meant to be dead (I think!) - let me check.....

Thanks for pointing that out.,


Bruce Graham

We will never, ever share details harvested from that, or any page, with other 3rd parties.

We did, (once), use the details we got from that page to go back to individuals and ask for more information on a certain Profile area, however, "What goes on in Learncreate stays in Learncreate".

Hope that clarifies?


eTam Miller

Hi Bruce- Unfortunately, it only clarifies that I won't be marketed to by third parties other than LearnCreate. And, if you meant to remove the application as another means of becoming part of the talent pool at LearnCreate (thereby tightening the marketing funnel), it only heightens my worry that my email address will simply end up on a marketing list.

Bruce Graham


We are all clear about what we meant when we said, on the Landing Page:

We will never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam. Promise.

What, in your view should we say to make this clearer?

That page is an older version of the site as far as I know, not a question of "tightening", just an older iteration. We want one, simple way to run this. If you have any suggestions please feel free to PM me so that I can pass to the technical team behind the scenes.



Bruce Graham

Hopefully this will suffice:

LearnCreate will not use your personal information for the purpose of directly marketing any products or services. Nor will LearnCreate rent, sell or give personal information to any third party for directly marketing any products or services.


For more information, visit our Privacy Policy (link to http://www.learndevguild.com/privacy-policy/


Bruce Graham

Rob Morgan said:

It could be the fact that I have been engrossed in a project dealing IT security, primarily looking at links and domains, but I find it strange that the link you posted does not take me to learncreate.com but rather it takes me to http://www.learndevguild.com/

Are these two sites the same?

 Hi Rob,

The guild is a service owned and operated by LearnCreate.

It's all the same thing.


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