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Pankaj Agrawal


It would be tough to compare Moodle with LearnDash because they have completely different purposes and goals. 

Moodle is a complicated software for complicated requirements. You would use it if you have complicated grading requirements. And other such features.

LearnDash works on WordPress is all for simplicity and basic features for basic needs, which works for most  learning requirements.

I believe you should first see if LearnDash  meets your requirements. In terms of ease of use, and ease of customisation, LearnDash is much easier compared to Moodle. 

For articulate, you would also need GrassBlade xAPI Companion, and most probably GrassBlade LRS as well. 


Gardner Fair

Hi John, I'm not sure what you've found out yet but I for one am very interested in various details of integrating Storyline with Learndash.  I'm really going for a simple look and flow which Learndash provides quite well-to a point-in my experience.  To keep to a simple look and flow, I like to have for each "lesson" one and only one embedded Storyline project for the user to interface with--with nothing else on that page, no text outside of the Storyline project, just the Course Progress bar and list of lessons on the side line.  Simple, clean.  I've attached a screen shot that might help visualize this.  With that goal in mind, I'm trying to figure out two things:

1. The I-frame allows me to embed the Storyline project, but it doesn't look good at all on smart phones.  Not sure what to do about that.  But this issue isn't unique to Learndash.

2. More important to me is the wish to remove Learndash's "Mark Complete" button at the bottom of the page and to keep everything within the Storyline project experience by inserting the "Mark Complete" as a trigger on the last slide of the Storyline project.  I'm hoping it's a JavaScript line of code that could be easily added.

Not sure if this is too detailed for your interests.  My basic point is that Learndash seems like a great LMS as long as we can figure out how to more tightly integrate Storyline within it in a way that keeps things visually simple and intuitive.   

Would love to hear your own thoughts!

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Gardner Fair,

Here are my thoughts about the issues you are facing:

1. iframe doesn't look very good, specially on mobile:

I know few people are using these options as a work around:
- Use a layout that allows your content to get full width of the page. I know, it doesn't work for all because you need the nice navigation on a sidebar, which might not look as good at top or bottom.
- Use the Open in Lightbox option, and configure the lightbox to width/height "95%" or 99%, whatever works for you. This will allow the content to take entire page. 

2. Remove LearnDash Mark Complete button: 

If you are using Tin Can API tracking. You can enabled Completion Tracking and add GrassBlade LRS. Now, the GrassBlade integration will automatically mark the lesson as complete. 

If however, tracking data is not important for you, you will have to decide if its worth adding the extra bit. 

If you want to add a piece of code to Exit button. You can try the Step 5 mentioned in this link: 


However, instead of this line of code: 


Try using this line of code: 

window.opener.jQuery("#sfwd-mark-complete [name=sfwd_mark_complete]").click();