Learning Progress / Number variables?

Hi E-Learning Heroes,

I'm currently working on a project where I'm intending to use a dashboard approach. It's quite a lot of learning modules and I'd like the user to always come back to the dashboard after completing each module. I'd also like to have a function where the user can see the progress of the learning course within the eLearning course (not in LMS). I was wondering if any of you have done this kind of learning progress layer before? I thought 'number variables' are probably the way to go, to calculate the slides viewed/completed? Any hints would be much appreciated.

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Chris Dale

Hi Andreas,

I recently did something similar where I had a progress percentage on my menu screen showing the individual progress of each section. To do this I calculated the percentage worth of each screen for each chapter. For example, section 1 has 10 slides, so each slide is worth 10%. I added a trigger on time line start to add 10% to a number variable (only if it was a certain value to prevent it adding again if they returned to the same slide). On the menu I added the variable as a reference to show current value.


Ned Whiteley

HI Andreas,

In the attached example, I have set up a separate scene for each section (In your case you could use Scene 1 to set up the main menu slide and then have each of your sections in Scenes 2 to 12). I have then used the built-in variable Scene.SlidesViewed to keep track of the number of slides viewed in each section and a couple of simple triggers to calculate the percentage of slides viewed (progress) in each section.

When you view the example, simply use the menu on the left to move between the individual sections and you will see the number of slides and percentage of slides viewed changing as you move through each section. If you jump out of a section part way through and then return to it later, you can see that it is still keeping track of the percentage of that section already viewed.

You can then use the three additional variables that I created (Scene1Percent, Scene2Percent and Scene3Percent) to display the current percentage of each section viewed anywhere else you wish to display it in your course, such as on a lightbox slide or layer of current progress.

Hope this gives you some ideas, but if you have any queries, just get back to me here.