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Phil Mayor

Hi Juliette

Its certainly possible using the branching built into articulate, the difficulty is showing the user they have completed each section, this is possible for three choices as you will use repeated menu and slides to approximate that effect, any more than this becomes very difficult to plan.

Of course if it does not matter to ensure they view all the choices then you just need a menu slide with branching and a hyperlink of for each

Have a look what Kevin Thorn did on his Award winning cours


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Juliette, here's a short series of tutorials you might find useful... these are the things that folks typically do when creating branched sections of a course:

As Phil mentioned, currently the limitations within PowerPoint mean that it's not possible to display a visual signal on the slides themselves to indicate which sections the learner has visited. However, if your course includes a sidebar outline, you could always opt to use a high-contrast color for visited slide titles.

Hope that helps!