Learner selecting number of questions to answer in quiz

Hi heroes,

Suppose I have 50 questions in the question bank, is there a way I can offer a choice to my learner to select the number of questions he can answer? Something like " There are 50 questions on this topic in the question bank. How many would you like to attempt in this session?" Is this possible?

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Simon Blair

Hi Jiju,

I'm not aware of a way to do that, however I can suggest a workaround that comes close.
You could create different slides with draws from the question bank. Say one with 10 questions, one with 20, another with 30, and so on.
You could then give the learner the option of doing 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 questions.
Depending on which they chose, send them to the appropriate quiz draw slide.

PS: If you really wanted to, you could set up 50 draws so the learner could pick any number, but I'm betting there are other things you'd rather do with your time. :-)


Russ Sawchuk

Hi Simon,

I was wondering how to do the same thing ... allow our users to select the number of questions on a quiz, game or final exam. I actually created separate programs, but your method is much more efficient!



PS. A person studying for a national nursing exam wanted a way to see ALL the questions in our quizzes rather than a small random sample each time. That clued me into the fact that having just one number of questions may not suit everyone.