Learners demotivated by the course format (page turner)

Hello everyone,

Here is my situation...

Trigger: Learners demotivated by the course format (current format implemented by an external firm, 6 years ago).

Problem: Overhaul of the current format (turner page). Each slide contains a screenshot of the ERP, the format represents a procedure in image.

Situation: 3 times a year, publication of a newspaper presenting the new features.

Full-time maintenance time in Storyline: 1 to 2 months for all courses

According to your experiences, what format do you recommend me?

All your recommendation are welcome.



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Kandi Thomas

Sounds like some analysis needs to be your first step.

  • What is required from a regulatory perspective?
  • What do you want the learners to be able to do as a result of the training? What's the goal of the training?
  • Do you capture if the existing learning is effective or needed by the users?  Have you surveyed the end users (or a portion of them) to identify what might be helpful to them?

That's where I would start. It sounds like it's a lot of work. I'm wondering if it's beneficial or helpful. Since there is already documentation in a "publication" 3 times a year, could you only highlight the big changes in more of an interactive screen capture or even short video clips? Or maybe you could create specific training based on feedback or other measures of identify gaps after the system updates go live? It seems like it's worth mixing it up a bit after 6 years to see where your best success might be.

I hope I understood your question and that this is helpful feedback. Best of luck Melanie!