Learning Management system

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  • Provider reporting admin accounts
  • Live and distance content management
  • Custom branded portal
  • Student managed transcripts
  • Print Statements of Credit
  • Accreditation Certificates included


  • CPE(Continous professional education) monitor fields and reporting functions

I am looking for LMS software with the above functions, please share your thoughts and experience. Thanks

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Suvrajit Dutta Chowdhury

Hello Edris– If you are open to avail custom learning solution then I could be able to assistyou.

Few advantagesof going custom are ..

1)         Specific to your learning objectives.

2)         IPR and source code of that course will reside with you hence youcan update the course internally without relying on development partner and

3)         There will be no restriction of usage by number of users(licenses).

Your above mentioned functions can be easily crafter in a custom service delivery. Feel freeto drop me a line if I could be at your assistance…Web: www.InfoProlearning.com

Peter Zimak

Hello Edris,

Very good idea to specify your needs in detail... I had alike requirements on ongoing project, and after variety of solutions tested i tried  Docebo Learning Management system ..note that it is very scalable cloud solution and you can test it with full functionality (that was really a must in my case). But it definitely works for me, then and now.

Good luck!


Brian Waddell

Hi Edris,

LRI provides a range of e-learning solutions, including a scalable learning management system that grows with your plans and the position of your business. It's extremely cost-effective and covers the features you list.

An additional bonus is that it has a great feature for managers and individuals to manage and report on their CPE (we call it CPD in our platform), which includes a very handy mobile phone tool for updating on the go. 

The way we work is that we don't want to sell you something that doesn't suit, so it would be great if one of my team could get in touch to find out more about what you need. We work with small one-man-band training providers all the way up to international companies like Aviva.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in having a discussion. Thanks!

Scott Hewitt

Hello Edris,

If you are looking to select an piece of software like an LMS I suggest that you go through a selection and review process. We've worked with several LMS product with clients. It really does depend with the client requirement -

There are some websites that have reviewed products and websites like elearninfo247.com (this is the link to their LMS review). You might want to spend some time looking for reviews of LMS. This is the directory of LMS products from the C4LPT website. You might find an LMS that meets the requirements that you have listed in your post.

Taking some time to looking at reviews might reduce your potential vendor list and make it easier to prepare a specification for your own LMS.

It looks like you have already started to list your requirements - if you have a requirements list and are able to prioritise it when you are able to start to the review process you can then 'score' or analysis the products in the same way each time.

I've been involved in projects buying software and also having to tender for projects, I wrote a blog post with a buyer (10 rules of painless procurement from both sides) that you might find useful if you tender your LMS.

If you move to the selection of a vendor don't forget to review your budget over the life of your budget, including maintenance, number of users, increase of users, numbers of courses and server costs. There are various pricing models available for LMS products available so I've found it useful to put them into financial model so I can understand the cost per user, per year and apply and changes.

I hope this helps, good luck with your project.


sumeet zarkar

It looks like you are looking for the best Corporate LMS which should have best and enriched features

LMS have two types of features "Must Have" & "Nice to Have" and all which you are talking about are must have so you should go for the paid LMS and

I will suggest you go for  Paradiso LMS:  https://www.paradisosolutions.com/learning-management-system/corporate-lms 

Hope this will help you.