Learning, unlearning and relearning

Feb 04, 2014

I ran across an interesting article about how learning agility is key to succeeding in an uncertain, unpredictable and constantly evolving environment. I thought others might enjoy and it worthy to be a topic of discussion.


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Jeff Fuqua

I found the article interesting as it lays down the premise that, order to survive and thrive in the current and future business world, a passion for learning and a willingness to "do it differently" is a must.

However, it also points out that many people prefer to stick with what they know as they've created a "safe and secure world" based on past knowledge and experience. To do it differently takes them out of their comfort zone. Often times, this is at a subconscious level.

Do those who create e-learning need to keep in mind that some learners may not, at a subconscious level, be as willing to change as much as they appear? How much effort should be made to convince learners that a new method is superior while also teaching the new method?

Cary Glenn

I've run into this when I was instructing First Aid. Every 5 years there is a review of First Aid and CPR by an international committee, they review studies and come out with new guidelines. The new protocols are implemented and then taught to First Aiders. It takes some explanation to help people to understand new way of doing CPR and why. It would frustrate some people, I would explain the process and the reasoning behind it and then they would eventually accept the changes.

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