Linear Course Concept

I was thinking of an alternative way of presenting a linear lesson and thought of Bob Dylan's film clip for his song, Subterranean Homesick Blues; the one where he stands in the alley with a series of signs (in case you are not familiar with the song).

I thought this concept would translate well to presenting information in a linear fashion. Can anyone think of how this could be represented in PPT? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Zara Ogden

Well with the right pic it would be really super easy. All you need to do is create a few master slides with your "person & placard" add an appropriate background, then insert the content in the presentation. You scripting will have to be strong.

You could do this method with any topic and just swap out the backgrounds.If you have some graphic skills you could change the size of the placard to meet your needs as well.

I recently bought some people packs from elearning art for $99 each. This one is Paul the Asian Middle Manager.

Danny Simms

Thanks for the link to elearning art Zara, I will take a look,  and Mike for posting the actual clip.  I can re-create the scene from the video clip using Photoshop and  Poser but it is the flipping of each white card I am stuck on.

I guess its a case of playing around with motion paths to achieve the right look. Thanks again for the input.

Mike B.

I'm thinking about how I would do this. Depending on how many cards you have, you could stack all the white cards on top of each other (or secretly animate each one in right before you need it), and then use a PowerPoint exit animation (like Ease Out, Curve Down, or Float) to remove the top card and reveal the one beneath.

If you don't know about the Selection Pane in PowerPoint, it can help you manage having numerous images on a slide.

Joe Deegan

Oooh, good idea! This could be tricky but if you are handy with photoshop you may be able to make a selection of just the arm holding the sign so you can use a motion path animation to have just the arm move the sign away.  Maybe just have the hand make a flick motion and use a dramatic exit animation so that the card flies away.  Can't wait to see this idea develop.

Danny Simms

I have just started playing around with a draft using a temporary background, a figure created in Poser and the sling effect as a proof of concept. It's a starting point. I'll give Joe's idea a try as well. As pointed out the scripting is going to be a challenge. Thanks again for the feedback and ideas.

Danny Simms

It has evolved a bit during the day as below. I really like the kinetic typography concept and have started to incorporate it into the lesson.

I decided to do a take on the DRSABCD, basic concepts of first aid and emphasise the key words in each step. Still very rough but I am pleased with the proof of concept.

The voiceover is going to be interesting.