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Bruce Graham

"Instructional Designers", Elearning 2.0, and a few others but it all depends what you want to get out of it.

If you are an ID and want to pick up some work in the long run, then that's probably not the one you want.

"Good" is dependent on your objectives and aims, and whether you want to contribute or be a lurker.

What, exactly, are you trying to achieve?

Bruce Graham

I guess it all depends what ideas you are looking for, and a question of dilution.

I visit the "Instructional Designers" group regularly, although there seems to be a regular re-cycling of the same questions very often, (based around "I am in job xxx, how do I become an ID".

Quite a few posts will be in the guise of "questions", actually trying to get you onto free events designed to get your details to companies, and many will be the "10 things you need to know about xxx!" type posts, (seem to be very much in vogue at the moment).

Frankly - this forum is the best of the lot as far as I am concerned for most issues, especially as time is tight, so I try and help on LinkedIn when I can, but try not to spread myself too thinly.

J.P. Medved

Kate covered most of them, but a few others:

  • E-Learning Advocates
  • E-Learning 24/7 (moderated by Craig Weiss who runs the excellent E-Learning 24/7 blog)
  • E-Learning 2.0
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Learning 2.0
  • ASTD National and ASTD International
  • Learning, Education and Training Professionals Group

Hope these help!