Linking PowerPoint Presentations and Storyline 3


     Similar to Captivate, is there any way to link imported PowerPoint projects and Storyline 3? My colleague and I would like to import PPT projects from course owners, tweak the PPT projects accordingly in Storyline and have those changes reflected in the PPT file. We know you can import PPT into Storyline, but can you link the changes so they update across both?

     Also, how does Storyline stack up in regard to screencasts? Again, we're using Captivate (9 to be specific; with no desire to go to 10) and are used to Cap's capabilities.


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Nicole Legault

Hi Heather!

About your question concerning screencasts with Storyline... I've done tons of software sims myself using both Captivate and Storyline and the recording tools are very similar and quite comparable in terms of what you can create with them. They both have outputs of View mode, Try mode, and Test mode. The nice thing about Storyline is that when you do a screen recording you can then choose AFTER you've done the recording if you want to use it as a try, view, or test mode (or even as just a single video on 1 slide). As opposed to Captivate, where you have to choose BEFORE  you do your recording. So with Captivate if you did a recording for View mode, but then decided you also wanted to use it in Test mode to test your learners, you would need to re-record it as Test Mode. But with Storyline, you could just pop into your existing recordings list and re-use it as many ways and in as many modes as you want. I've written tons of articles about creating software sims with Storyline, here's a few:

Hope these are helpful :) Let us know if you have any other questions, we're always happy to help out. 

Heather Vogt

Thanks, Allison! I submitted the feature request.

Thanks for the links, Nicole! I'm trying to set up a business case for obtaining a 360 license in addition to our Captivate license (hopefully phasing Captivate out completely in the name of cost-savings). The flexibility of screencast modes is a time-saver for sure! That's been added as a SL benefit! Thanks!