Linking to an external html page on file

Jan 29, 2015

We have a Storyline Course and we want to build a link to some software documentation that resides on the C Drive. The challenge is that we need to link to a specific HTML page as the folder it resides in has multiple HTML pages. We also want it to open and function correctly in the browser window and not externally. Neither the Web Object or Hyperlink is giving us what we need. Can any experts help with this?

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Jackson Hamner

Whose C Drive is it hosted on, how will the user (not having access to  your C Drive) access the page?

I think that if you want to link to the page the best way to do it is to throw the document on some host somewhere and link to it from there. Another option, if the page is pretty basic, is to have javascript generate the html page in a new window. Something like:

var"", "New Page");
var contents="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Page</TITLE>";
contents+="</HEAD><BODY><p>This is a Page</p></BODY></HTML>";
Alan Maguire

Hi Jackson, thanks for taking this on. On all of the users/students machine will be software documentation (which is internet based when fired up). We are creating a course that references some of the documentation. The HTML files that we are referencing must stay in the location that they are in and reside in folders with other HTML docs. Does that help?


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