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Phil Mayor

I started this a couple of weeks ago


also the showcase


Also David Anderson has as this


I wouldnt get bogged down in is it aStoryline, Studio whatever course.  Build a course with the tools you have.

I never strive to build a Storyline course, I build the best course for my client regardless.

Phil Mayor

My point was, that most of these could be built in any tool, you  might not be able to have all the bells and whistles, but bells and whistle do not make a good course.

Look at any examples of elearning and use those to help you build courses, if you only look at courses built in studio then that is all you are going to build.  Whenever I built Studio courses I always wanted to build courses that if another developer looked at the course they would wonder how I built it.  That is still what I try and do now.