Looking for creative ideas to present a large list of content. I am working on a course that is going to introduce 18 supervisory tools. The SME wants boxes and then the learner can click on each to learn more about each tool.

I find this utterly boring and I fear we won't keep the learner engaged enough to click through all the tools to read or listen to descriptions.

Does anyone have ideas of what they've done to showcase a large list?

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Nicole Legault

Hello Melissa!

Thank you for posting your question here in the forums! The topic of lists and bullet points is an interesting one, and it does come up from time to time! I think its a pretty constant challenge that people face: how to get rid of the bullet points and make things less list-y!!

18 items is a lot of items I agree. Is there any way to categorize those 18 items into smaller chunks or smaller sections that make sense? Then each of those sections could have the clickable buttons. This way it could be a bit more organized perhaps? Your SME might be able to help you do that if you're not sure which items 'fit together' or ot.

Here are some past forum discussions and articles on this topic that might help you out!

Hope this info helps! Good luck with the project =)