Live Interactivity in a course

Has anyone ever heard of Wellwisher? (formerly known as padlet...)

It is a virtual 'corkboard' type website, free to use (I think its part of Google...), anyway I was just playing around with it and realized that it could be a great tool in a course, for example leadership.  By asking 'Define Leadership in 1 word' learners can post to the board, as more and more people take the course the board will fill up!

Click HERE to play!

I might put a rectangle over the toolbar on the right if I ever used this in a real course.

Have Fun!

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Eric Nalian

@Natalia - This is just a simple web object, nothing fancy was done in Storyline.  All I did was make a free account at, and click 'New'.  Then added a web-object with the URL

@Phil - Try it now, I was playing around with some of the settings and I think I locked it.