Live Polls....anyone, anyone??

Hello everyone! I'm hoping someone can assist me or give me some ideas....

In one of our first online course that deals with Sexual Harassment Prevention, we set up a live poll on a website for participants to rate several scenarios from the video they watched.  We did this so participants could see how they compared to others who have taken the course.  The live poll was done with survey software that we will no longer have a license to use.  In the online course participants would click on the link and be taken to an outside website.   I would love to be able to recreate this in Storyline2 as I am putting the old SHP course into Storyline2 and making updates. (We now have a learning management system and need to pull over all of our older classes into Storyline2 from ProForm) Has anyone done this or come up with a good way to create a live poll or something similar? 

Here is the poll: 

Thanks and enjoy your day-


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