LMS and Email Log-in

Currently the company I work for uses a Moodle based LMS to provide manufacturer technical training for over 4500 technicians in North America alone. 

The site has been live for almost 2 years now and the major problem that we have encountered is some of our more vocal technicians do not have email addresses and therefore complain about the complexity of creating an account. 

If they do not have an email account, we either set up a generic email account through a program that we have access too or, more commonly, we recommend they set up a free email account at yahoo, hotmail or the like. We prefer the latter, but the technicians have been pushing hard back on us.

The other difficulty we have faced is some of the companies that install our products have a compliance person which tracks the technicians’ certificates. These individuals have complained because they cannot sign up several individuals under one email address and easily track their certifications. To solve this, we generally recommend they set up free email accounts for all of their technicians and then have them automatically forwarded to the compliance manager's email account.

Has anyone run into an LMS solution for registering learners either without an email requirement or where several learners can use the same email address? We do have Sharepoint as a possible option to Moodle and we are currently considering moving toward integrating it in the upcoming years.

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Tony Maxwell

I am looking at a situation similar to Joshua's.

We have a customer for our course who wants to train up to 1,000 employees.

Many of them do not have email addresses, however.

Is there another method we could use so that Articulate could uniquely identify them?

Employee numbers, for example?

Our vision is to create a sign-in page that employees can go to but NOT have to use an email address.

Is this possible?  (We are talking to a developer about building a custom solution using the API...tho' I'm still not sure what we want to do is possible.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help on this.

FYI - here is the link to our course http://kenmaxwell.com/course/

Tony Maxwell

Interesting Justin. 

Perhaps the customer's HR/IT folks could create email addresses for those who don't have them, or, option two, we could assign fake email addresses. 

I'd just have to think about the workflow on that to make sure it worked. 

I guess so long as the user didn't need to actually receive a confirmation email to login or activate his course that would be okay. 

Also, we'd have to think about the invitation part. I think the customer's training rep (my point of contact) will play a key role as interface to ensure the employees are notified. 

Thanks for your reply.