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Chris  Glass

One thing I have a problem with Moodle is while it is great product and you can get it with hostings like Hostgator, you cannot use the iPad app if you have a secure login.

With that being said, has anyone have success with an LMS that will allow the Articulate iPad app to work behind a secure login?

Right now, I am looking into storing it with Amazon S3 service but I am having problems limiting the bucket to the domain of the online school. I have the domain xxxxxxx.com and right now anyone can access the files from Amazon S3 but would love to limit it to only xxxxxxx.com. 

Lauren Pinto

Well, since moodle is "free", it is a very enticing option for us, but I'm just not sure of the amount of labor involved in customizing and interfacing as well as its actual functionality.  We are looking to do a lot of quizzing through the LMS, interface with our email, as well as hold content like e-modules, documents, videos, etc.  All of this along with your fairly standard LMS functions like scheduling and registering for classes, reporting, evaluations, etc. 

Joe Deegan

Hi Lauren,

I very happily use Moodle along with Articulate products for exactly the same things you mentioned needing to use an LMS for.  But your dead on that it takes a lot of work to get it all setup and configured for your needs.  While it's free to download it does take a lot of work and we all know time isn't free.  As Bruce mentioned, there are a lot of posts in the forums describing the pro's and con's of Moodle versus other LMS's.  Unfotunately it's a tough decision because everyone thinks their LMS is the best but you never know until you see for yourself.  Let me know if you have any specific questions about Moodle and I'd be happy to help you out.