Jul 12, 2014


I am doing some research on Learning Management Systems, particularly the costs. We will be using Articulate and supporting an participant audience of approximately 600 people and 25 different courses. All we need to capture is essentially who took the e-learning module and how they scored.

Can any of your recommend some LMS sources and costs?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Gary,

This is a very tough subject to tackle and it naturally depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is probably where are you willing to host your data. On your own (i.e. locally or through the cloud) or via a LMS provider?

Additionally, should the former be true, of those 600 people how many concurrent users do you estimate to have online at peak times? Are you comfortable using (and possibly customizing) an Open Source LMS?

Should the latter be true, TCO would mainly depend on: the business model of the LMS provider, the pricing model of the LMS provider (per user license, per admin license, flat etc.), and your support needs (if any).

I'm sure you will get an endless list of recommendations and plugs in the reply section below, so watch this space.

Hope this helps,

Kate Salvan

I can share JoomlaLMS prices with you. The cheapest license is 299$ per year and it includes 100 seats. If you are planning to have 600 students you need to buy a license per 1000 users that will cost you 999$ or to buy a license per 500 users first and upgrade any time later (price per 500 students is 599$). So, the price per learner in case of buying 999$ license will be 1,6$.

They also keep public prices for their additional services and products - http://www.joomlalms.com/buy_now/.

Custom development service price is the only unpublished. they say it depends on difficulty of the work to be done. They also provide perpetual JoomlaLMS license. It never expires and the code is open.

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Bhav Chahal

Hi Gary,

GoSkills is a flexible LMS solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and needs. It’s free forever with optional premium upgrades. 

The enterprise upgrade allows you to upload custom courses (SCORM, xAPI and other formats), create classroom courses, white-label the platform, create categories, and also gives you a dedicated account manager.

The upgrade is on a sliding scale, so it works out to as little as $3 per learner per month. Our pricing is transparent, simply enter in the number of people you’d like to train to get a quote here.

Hope this helps!

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