LMS/LCMS Question

I've scoured the web for potential LMS's to host my company's courses/materials for the public. I've looked at open source, as well as fee based, and haven't found anything that seems to be ideal. I will give you what I'd like the LMS to encompass and maybe someone on these forums has some advice.

We'd like to offer free courses where users would not have to register (these would be tracked on usage)

It would house various self-help documents where users could download PDF's, .doc's, .ppt's, etc. on various subjects. This would be a searchable database and would also include analytics and reports on usage (number of downloads, number of views, etc).

We then have courses that users would register to take and would be more robust in nature. We'd embed articulate presentations we've created in house, assessments, discussion forums, teacher/student interactions, all going without saying that we'd like this trackable for every which way.

Then lastly we have fee based courses where users would register, and would have the same robust, interactive nature as the free registered courses, just that these cost a small fee.

Any ideas?

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