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My company has been developing a range of sales training courseware. We've been using Docebo since it's pretty easy to use and has an option to have multi-skins for different clients. However, their Tin-Can implementation is turning out to be very immature and untested. Scorm works great, but Tin-can is very unreliable. My business is at risk if my customers have a poor experience - which is what has been happening with Docebo.

I'm looking for recommendations for an LMS that ideally has robust Scorm AND Tin-can or just Tin-can. Next on the list of requirements is ease of use and flexibility, then economics. Can anyone offer me recommendations?

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Andrew Downes


Thanks for the recommendation Julie! We also have a list of adopters that whilst not a recommendation, will tell you which LMS at least claim to have some Tin Can support. 

You'll see Docebo on that list and they've been there for a while so I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you contacted them about the issues you're having and have you confirmed its the LMS and not the authoring tool?


Bruce Costello

The types of bugs we've discovered - and were confirmed/fixed by Docebo have really knocked my confidence in whether their Tin-can implementation is of production quality. For example, some courses don't load, when the Scorm equivalent does. Significant problems with learning paths - where the tin can courses don't report their completion status properly to the LMS - even when end of course flags are set. This has had a very negative impact on a customer who have a couple of hundred students trying to work through a path - we had to switch them back to Scorm and of course lose their scores. As I say, they've fixed the bugs we found so far (their dev support are pretty good btw), but these are the types of basic bugs that you just shouldn't find in a production quality product. I'm wary of what else we might find and how that will impact my customers - hence the need for a Tin-can alternative to Docebo.

Andrew Downes

One option you might consider is SCORM Cloud's Tin Can Dispatch. This would allow you to continue using Docebo's SCORM features, which you seem to be happy with, but run the Tin Can tracking through SCORM Cloud. It might even be possible to use Statement Forwarding to pipe the Tin Can data back into Docebo; do you know if Docebo is able to receive external Tin Can data? If not, you can always do your Tin Can reporting in Cloud. 

Feel free to mail me andrew.downes@tincanapi.com for more details or if you want me to hook you up a call with one of the SCORM Cloud sales team. (or you can email info@scorm.com direct).