LMS Test Plan

Hi folks,

I am evaluating three LMS companies and am interested in any feedback you can provide on how to develop a test plan and for what to specifically test.  We have two fully designed courses.  One was authored in Articulate Presenter, and the other in Storyline.  I've successfully uploaded the courses, added users, and enrolled them.  These are obvious "have to haves".  What else should I be considering from a test perspective?  Scoring?  Reporting? 


- karen

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Simon Perkins

What do you need the LMS to do from the following perspectives:

  1. Managing enrolments
  2. Customisation of catalogue
  3. Customisation of pages and other resources
  4. Managing the adding of users, eg manual, bulk import
  5. Customisation of user fields
  6. Level of reporting, eg company, division, dept, team
  7. Costs for licensing, support, hosting, customising etc
  8. Customisation of reports etc

It's important to see an LMS as a learner, not just an administrator. 

Karen Kahlig

Yay Simon!   Many thanks for your response and for your perspective.  These are the sorts of responses are what I'm looking for and what I hope to be able to consider as we move forward.  I appreciate your questioning and direction.  I really have no idea what I am doing, but whatever it becomes, I want it to be something that was well thought out and researched.

I sincerely appreciate your feedback.