LMS Use - Multiple sites


I am going to develop many courses using Storyline 3.

We are thinking of having our clients admin their own LMS...instance? i.e. The clients would have our lessons, but they would admin it to their employees and have insight into all LMS-related info, metrics, etc. We would purchase the LMS, clients would run an instance of it on their own systems (or 'section' if cloud-based).

Is this something that is done often? Anyone have any insights/tips/etc regarding this type of LMS deployment?


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David Goodman

ST - this is becoming common especially with training companies. There are many LMS vendors offering multisite/subdomain LMSs. Think through how you will manage your main site with regards to how you will populate and report on the subdomains. Keep your courses in one place and populate or point to them from the subdomains. LearnDash is just one of many - read Justin's blogs on how best to fulfill your vision. He will point to who he considers the best cloud servers, tips on designing courses, tips on management etc.