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Helen Reid

I don't normally Lock the navgation as there are always some pages where navigation does not need to be locked.,  There's a couple of ways I do it. 

1. Hide the Next until all actions are complete.
1.1 Set the next button to hidden ('States>Initial state 'Hidden')
1.2 Set a trigger to return Next to Normal once the action is complete (Insert trigger>Change state of [Next button]>To State [Normal]> When [uses clicks]>Object [name of object]

The other way is similar to above except leaving the next button visible. 
2.1  Set up a 'Selected" or 'Visited" state on the Next Button.  (States>Insert state>Selected)
2.2  Set a trigger like above and the action to jump to next page is when object is 'selected' or 'visited'. 
2.3  With this option, If the learner is blocked, I will create a pop-up letting the learner know they need to complete all actions on the page before progressing or something like that.  This stops the learner thinking somethings broken or not understanding why they can't move forward.  To get this to show, put the message on it's own layer.  Add a trigger to 'show layer' then add a 'condition' against the next button if it is not equal to 'selected' or 'visited'.

Hope this makes sense. 





Alexander Salas

Hi Helen, 

You can't change the state of the NEXT button on the player in SL1 as this feature was introduced in SL2.


Check out the attached SL1 file where I give you a few examples. There are different ways to approach it depending on what you are trying to do in the slide.


Chris R

Tammy, one simple way is by using states and triggers. You can set it up in many different ways but suppose you have three click and reveal objects. In this case, I like to also incorporate an "oops" layer. If the learner tries to advance before all three objects have been visited, show the oops layer reminding them to visit all three objects before moving on. One simple trigger example, therefore, would be to show the next slide when objects 1 and 2 and 3 states are = to visited.

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