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Alexandros Anoyatis

This is not part of Storyline's default functionality so you will need a 3rd-party application installed to be able to do that. Articulate does not recommend working off a network drive though, in fact Storyline files will most likely behave strangely if this is the case.

I'd recommend not working directly through the network drive if I were you, just add some basic UNC for versioning at the end of filenames and transfer them over to local machines when needed.

Tim Shelton

A better way of working on something like this is to pair you learning with an LMS to which you team have logins to access the course. This way you could create a login page which interacts with the LMS with Javascript using cookies  to track login status and even track completions. This is very complex functionality and would require an experienced developer and an LMS.

Food for thought is this is pivotal.