Looking for a buddy

Good morning, I am under a bit of time pressure to deliver a few e-learnings. Articulate is very user friendly and I do have my first slide pack build. My learning curve is steep, however I could use the help of a buddy. 

Is there somebody with some time at hand to have a look at my e-learning and together with me lift it to a more professional level? I am based in Europe, Netherlands and would appreciate the help. 

Anybody to spare some time on short notice?

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Nellie Nijssen
Matthew Bibby

I've left some feedback on your first course Nellie. I hope that it helps.

I just ran through it quickly and have possibly been a bit brief in my feedback, so please ask for clarification if needed (you can reply directly to my feedback in Review and I'll be notified).

You've done a great job for a beginner, you should be proud. Most of the issues I've raised will be easy to fix. 

When you have time, I also recommend that you check out these three free ebooks from Articulate. I think they'll help:

Essential Guide to Visual Design

How to Use Typography to Improve Your E-Learning

Building Compelling Interactions

Trina Rimmer

Thanks for jumping in here to help, Matthew!

Nellie, the free e-books Matthew's shared are a great resource. You can also use the E-Learning Heroes search bar in the upper right to search for loads of articles on these topics and more. Also, our E-Learning 101 hub has some great resources for people who are just starting out so that might be worth a look when you've got some post-project downtime. Best wishes!