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Allison LaMotte

Hi Kristin,

First of all, I'd like to say that I really love the medieval theme you have going on. The main font you picked is just... perfect! 

Font 1

However, there are several other fonts interspersed throughout the course without any apparent "rule" regarding which font is used for what.

Font 2

Font 3

Though I like the first font, I think that if the text is smaller, it may be hard to read. I would suggest using it only for titles, and then choosing one other font to use throughout the course for other text.

The other thing I will say about your course is that you have done a great job developing your scenario. It is very intricate and I can tell the words have been carefully chosen to fit the theme. One this I will say, however, is that the navigation is not always as clear as it could be. To help the learner navigate easily through your course, a good rule of thumb is to always place the buttons in the same spot on the screen. For example, in the screenshot below the "Return" button is at the bottom of the screen...

Button 1

...while the "Back" button here is at the top of the screen.

Button 2

Something as simple as always putting the navigation buttons in the same spot on the screen can really help the learner to understand how to move forward (or backward, as the case may be).

Great job on this! Hope my comments help you make it even better than it already is.



Kristin Anthony

Thanks, Allison. There are actually only two fonts in the course. That second screen is one I thought I'd fixed but I guess not. It involves a text entry variable and is showing as a different font for you. Is this a known issue with Storyline (I came a couple of help forums when I tried to fix it the first time) or is it something that I can fix?

Thanks so much for your suggestions about the navigation, as well. Really valuable feedback!

Stuart Gilbert

I love the theme really nicely done and a lovely story running through it. I would agree with Allison the font when you get into the main reading of things can be a little difficult to read and the back button would be much more comfortable on the bottom. The only other thing I would say is either slow your starting words down (the ones below) a touch or let the user progress with a click somehow i found them a bit to quick.

Other than that i love all of it your graphics, colours everything!

Kristin Anthony

Thanks for the feedback, Stuart! I haven't had a chance to update based on Allison's feedback but I hope to do so this evening.

I struggled with whether or not to offer continue type buttons for the beginning text so I appreciate your feedback there. I think I'll give them a go and see what folks think.

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