Looking for a list of mobile device design considerations

Hi, everyone.

I just got totally sidetracked on that "hacks" thread. I cannot believe the collective genius in this group! Thank you for sharing such great ideas.

I've been working with Storyline for 11 months and admit I'm a novice. I was originally told to design for PCs, but I've been asked to make sure the courses will run on iPads as well. I assume you all are savvy enough to make your courses fit both PCs and iPads. True?

I started researching this a couple days ago and I can't find a succinct list of do's/don'ts. There are a lot of discussions about problems on iPads, but many are quite old. That said, we're getting reports from users with various problems.

Here are the issues I've seen in threads that might be a problem with Mobile Safari, and I'm hoping to hear how you deal with these and any others you're aware of.

- Hover, mouseover, and tooltips have limited support or don’t work in mobile Safari
- Can’t use “when user presses a key,” freeform shortcut keys, zoom regions
- Mobile Safari in iOS 5 won’t play audio or video unless it’s triggered by the user.
- Simultaneous audio tracks may be problematic (also on Android). This would include something like a voice with music behind it or a screen recording and separate audio.
- Drag and drop quiz animations; remove the transparency on the drop targets
- Audio/video may not play automatically
- Volume controls in videos may not work
- Slower than desktop browsers due to limited resource allocation

Any thoughts you can share on developing for iPads and PCs is very much appreciated. I also wonder if there's any update on when the responsive mobile player is coming. I just read a white paper about it. I don't think we can use the current Articulate Mobile Player because our LMS doesn't use Tin Can API.

Thank you so much!

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