Looking for a Storyline Developer/Graphic Design Professional for Project work

Hello - does anyone know of a great Storyline developer and graphic design individual who would be interested in working on refining some current content and future project work on a contractor basis?  

We are looking for someone to optimize 4 current e-learning modules by adding additional interaction and polishing the appearance to provide a real wow effect.  

Additional projects will be coming and we are hoping to build a relationship with an awesome and reliable expert in the field - oh and one we can afford. :)


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Ezequiel Aranda

Hi Melanie,

I'm Ezequiel Aranda from Argentina. I'm actually working remotely for some companies in Australia and I have some working hours for an extra project.

You can reach me at ezequiel.aranda@gmail.com so we can share extra details about the project. 

I hope I can help!

Kindest regards,

Ezequiel Aranda.