Looking for a third party to develop elearning content in Storyline

Hi everyone, 

My company is looking for an english-speaking third party to develop elearning content through Storyline. We would provide script and storyboard. Looking for a third party that can also translate the content into approx. 10-11 languages. 

I'm looking for advice from people who already have gone through this situation. Who could you recommend? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Harriet Logan

Hi Susan!

Thanks for replying! We are currently looking for a third party and I'm curious about whether you'd recommend the company you worked with and also hear about how you went about it in terms of methodology.

Here are a few questions: Which steps did you undergo while working with them and what difficulties did you meet? What kind of preparatory work did you need to provide? What do you wish you would have done better?

Thanks again,