Looking for a User Guide Tool that helps create layout, design for documents


I have been looking for an addin for word or a program that help us developed with creating an User Guide for any modules we develop Using Articulate. Do you know of any tools that can help us with creating User Guides....not just exporting to Word, Something similar to Dr. Explain.

Here are some samples of documents in the Articulate community that has a diagram I would like to create. I am looking for a tool that allows me to create the diagram similiar to this download: (Infographics) https://community.articulate.com/download/quizmaker-13-player-colors


Thank you

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Rachel Barnum

Hi Angel - I recall your first question asking this here:


I gave a response in there, but specifically, you can create that kind of document you've linked to in PowerPoint.

You could do it in Word as well, but it would be a little more tricky with text boxes and shapes.