Looking for advice on working in SL2 - tracking changes

Jul 19, 2017

Hi everyone, 

I am working on updating a course after SME review and am going through the suggestions and need to flag which slides have updated scripts to be recorded, or graphics need to be modified.  I can try to keep the comments in an excel file, but then I move the slides around and have to work to keep the excel file in order.   In PPT, I would use review comments that follow the slide no matter where the slide is in the project.

I am wondering how other people developing directly in SL2 work.




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Cindy Monroe

Since we aren't using the Articulate Reviewer product, publishing the module/course as a Word Document is the best way I have to get the SME feedback from people willing to read the material.  I publish it, turn on track changes, and email it to them.  
It was more me tracking the changes I have made and need to make that Is more challenging than I would like.

Meaghan Lister

One of the things that I do when I'm developing in Storyline 2 is to put a specific shape (ie. star) on the corner of a slide or to add a shape (box) with notes in it off to the side of the slide. This way, when I'm going through the file, slide by slide, I can see if I have anything outstanding to adjust. If I move a slide elsewhere, I still have the notes off to the side of the slide. It's not as slip as PowerPoint's review notes feature because you cannot automatically jump to the next one, but the star shape in an obnoxious colour  that stands out in the corner of a slide means that I can see them from Storyview.

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