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Apr 01, 2016

My project team is working on a series of training courses and looking to solve a problem with an automated e-mail function (see my post here for details on what we've tried and where we stand).  We've run into dead-ends with javascript - due to browser limitations - and with server-side scripting (php) - due to LMS restrictions.

What we really need now is someone with experience dealing with these issues, who has particular expertise regarding these types of scripting, with various LMS setups, and with integrating this type of functionality with an LMS.  Basically all of that e-learning minutiae outside of building the course itself!

We need this expertise urgently for the modules we have already built, and also advisement as we continue moving forward with this training series.  If someone can demonstrate their expertise, we would be very interested in potentially contracting this individual to consult on these matters going forward.

If this is not the proper location to post this message, please let me know.  Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you knowledgable heroes.

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