Looking for Contract StoryLine Help!


We are looking for some development help with a couple of StoryLine projects over the next few months. Content is in-hand and we have our design, and we're looking for some extra help in the "now we get to build it" phase of the projects.

We are hoping to find a person or two with some good basic StoryLine skills, interested in some extra work and resume fodder. In the ideal situation, it might lead to some longer, ongoing work together as well.

If interested, please send an email with info about your background & experience, along with any rate you might have for contract work. We'll talk from there.

ImagiLearning, Inc. is a small eLearning company that focuses on organizations new to the eLearning field, using our TranceFormational Learning (R) approach to design engaging learning activities.

Thanks for your time,

John Jamison



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Bruce Graham

John Jamison said:

Hi Bruce, thanks for responding.

Geography shouldn't be an issue here.  Though if we find someone in a really warm place...I might have to go visit them for a few days...it's way to cold here right now....



Sure you will find someone, (preferably a freelancer who lives on a warm atoll...)