Looking for Dev to help us implement Storyline / Moodle / iPad

We need someone to help us deploy courses already built in Storyline into a new fresh Moodle 2.7 install.

We need someone with experience in deploying for iPad access (as well as desktop).



  • Courses will open in same window (ie. not popup)
  • They should display correctly in an iPad in Vertical and Horizontal mode.
  • Progress need to be tracked, so Articulate Player for iOS cannot be used.
  • Know how to fix this error - Although internet connection is stable, Moodle 2.7 Displays a box every 2 minutes that says  "The SCORM player has determined that your Internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved. You should exit the activity now, and return when you have a dependable Internet connection."


  • We can give you access to a dedicated test server.
  • It will contain a fresh Moodle install for you to work with.
  • You should have an iPad to do testing.
  • After all is working fine with the standard 'clean' theme, we will deploy 'Gourmet' theme.



1) You should have already done a deployment like this before (a course developed in Storyline deployed in Moodle to be accessed with an iPad in current window) or should be able to demonstrate in a live install a setup like this working.

2) Timelines are pretty tight so we will only reply to people that can address our specific need, and can demonstrate a setup like this working.


Please contact me ONLY if you can address and demonstrate point 1 above.




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