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Dec 30, 2014

Hi all,

In the festive lull between Christmas and New Year, I find myself with some time to reflect on ways of working and best practice in eLearning development.  Specifically, I'm interested in gathering information about average timescales for development of eLearning content, as it's a focus area for my company right now.  I recently discovered (via Omniplex) a report from the Chapman Alliance on this, but it's from 2010 and I'm wondering if there's anything more recent out there to compare or reinforce the stats I already have.

If anyone knows of a source for this kind of info, it would be much appreciated!

All the best to the eLearning heroes,


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Adele Sommers

Hi, Laura!

Even though it's a few years old, Chapman's 2010 study, How Long Does It Take to Create Learning? is still my go-to source for this information, given its size and thoroughness. As the fine print states, the data it contains was collected from 249 organizations, representing 3,947 learning development professionals, who have created classroom-based and eLearning content that has been consumed by 19,875,946 learners. That's pretty hard to beat!

You may also have seen his newer, 2013 study on blended learning: Large Scale, Blended Learning Development: Benchmark, which is based on data from 188 organizations. Note that there was no “standard type” of blended learning, as each group used a different combination of content, media, and delivery methods.

Good luck with your research!


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