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Patti Bryant


While it isn't only text-based, there's a great sales orientation case in the Articulate Storyline Showcase. Click here to view it. If you've never been through it before, select the Sales Rep position and go through that section. I think an idea similar to it could easily be re-worked to be text-based. I hope this helps with inspiration!

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Daniel Brigham

Communal memory is a valuable thing. Hi, Carla: Here is a thread super hero Natalia Mueller-Spurgin originated on this topic. You may find a few helpful ideas. Engaging text-based courses

You might also just reach out to Natalia to see what worked for her--if memory serves, she was working on a series of text-based courses. --Daniel

Natalia Mueller

Hi guys. The series I created was technical, so I used a lot of Storyline screen casts with view/try modes, as well as a variety of interactions to try to keep the courses engaging. We blended the program with a lot of on-demand type resources and SME interaction so I think the project as a whole was very different than what you're looking for. If you're interested in more detail though, just PM me and I'm happy to provide some more details.

In the meantime, Patty's example from the showcase is a great one for content and interaction ideas. From the text-based perspective, here is one that has nothing to do with customer service but I have it saved as a text-based example


Here are a couple others that are NOT text based but could be -