Looking for examples of scenarios with silhouettes

Hi, everyone:

I've been asked by a client to present one of my opening scenarios in a few different ways -- silhouettes being one of them. Anyone willing to post what they've done with silhouette scenarios? Trust me, it doesn't have to be fancy -- just looking for basic ideas. A ppt slide or two, or even just suggestions, would be great. Thanks so much. --Daniel

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Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Robert for including your example. Because I'm including audio, I'm going to see if I can move away from the speech bubbles. Because there's one female and male in each scene, should be pretty obvious which silhouette is speaking. Thanks again for allowing me to take a look.

Heidi, yes, I've checked out Tom's post's, but was inquiring if people on the forum have really dug into silhouettes. Thank you both. --Daniel