Looking for help naming an Onboarding Program...

I've been tasked with remodeling an Onboarding program. It will have classroom and elearning features blended together - all very exciting.

But I am hitting a roadblock when it comes to the piece that I figured would be the easiest: naming the darn thing! 

We are looking for something fun and rock/music themed. 

I'd also like to name the different levels of learning (instead of beginner, intermediate and advanced) also with a music theme, but that may be a question for another day! 

Just thought I would throw this question out to the masses and see what comes back - many thanks! 

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Jason Reed

Hi Megan,

It would be good to know more details about what the Onboarding program will involve. That will help spur ideas that are appropriate.

As a jumping off point, what about something like, "The Jam". It's about people coming together to work collaboratively (similar to blended classroom/eLearning) and doesn't have a strict feeling to it. When musicians jam it's about working with what the others give you.

Other things to play with would be terms like riffing, strum, the beat, rhythm etc.

For the beginner, intermediate, advanced you could play with something like bass, soprano, tenor etc.

Hope this helps :) 

Megan Daniele

Thank you Jason! That definitely helps and I appreciate your ideas!

For a little context, the mixed-modality onboarding program is for a restaurant chain and will be used to train new servers, bartenders, cooks and other hourly positions. There will be fun, gamified eLearnings woven throughout that cover certain skills and tools trainings. Other modalities included will be trainer-led teaching, observing and role play activities.

Hope that helps spur some ideas!

Bob S

Hi Megan,

So should we assume your restaurant is rock-n-roll themed which is why you are going with that vibe?   If so, I might play on the existing marketing themes already present in the business.  For example...

If it's a 50's/60's diner vibe....  Go with "The Hop" and for levels, the rock and roll stars of the era.

If it's a more classic rock thing (ie Hard Rock Café-esque)....   Maybe classic rock references like "The Scene"  and tongue-in-cheek levels like "one hit wonder" , "veteran rocker" and "hall of fame artist"

The bottom line.... try and tie into the existing feel and marketing themes already present in your business..  This will resonate more with the staff and feel less forced overall.

Good luck on a cool gig.....