Looking for help with Storyline Advancement & training!!

May 20, 2014

Hello E-Learning Heroes!

I am pretty new to the eLearning community (in my role less than a year), and have found the Articulate Storyline tutorials, forums and Support Team to be an amazing resource for growing my knowledge base. Where I feel I can still greatly improve, however, is in the initial development and design phase of creating a new project.

Often I am given a "skeleton" outline by an SME who is a novice with Storyline, so when it's handed off to me, it's usually a collection of jumbled images on each slide, a typed out script in the notes, and comments within the notes asking for creative or interactive elements the SME envisions for the module. My job then, is to go about the task of recording the script, adjusting screen images, and adding interactivity elements to present a completed module. And while I've attended a professional training class, and taken full advantage of the assistance available here, I know I can still improve, and I think that can only come from continuing to view others "at work" using the Storyline tool.

So what I'm asking, is if it might be possible to shadow one of your eLearning Heroes during the initial design stages of creating a module - storyboarding, organization, different ideas for interactivity elements as well as accessibility options for 508 compliance... or, if I can get it approved by my corporate office, do a live screen-sharing of one of my own modules in the beginning stages, where if one of you were to be given the same elements I'm given, what would you do, and how would you design it?

I think watching an expert from beginning to end (or at least a condensed "best practices" version of beginning to end) would really help take me to the next level in my career advancement... so whatever assistance you all can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Chrisanna  Hibbitts

Hi Jackie,

In consideration of privacy and copyright laws, I was hoping to do a screen-share where I could watch some kind of demo or example of how an advanced designer goes about creating or "revamping" a learning module from start to finish... or some basic tips on an "organizational flow."

I think I'll take Bruce's advice and watch some more of the "Weekly Challenges." That sounds promising. But any other tips and advice is definitely welcome! I'm trying to soak up as much as I can so I can be an E-Learning Hero, too! Thanks, everyone!

Jackie Van Nice

Excellent point, Bruce.

Chrisanna, we do the challenges every week, and current and past ones are here: http://community.articulate.com/blogs/david/default.aspx

Not only can you compare your approach to others (who range from complete newbies to highly-skilled and experienced designers) - but many of them write up the details of their design approaches and processes in their blogs and share those links, too. There's always a lot to learn.

The value of these exercises to increase your skills - whether it's the overall design process or the specific details of development - really can't be underestimated - IF - you approach them as the terrific opportunities that they are.

I put all of my challenge demos and write-ups online and many others do the same. Here's my bunch: http://www.jackievannice.com/?page_id=175061258

Jade Kelsall

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Hi Christina,


It sounds to me as if you ought to take a step back with yourdesign process. I would usually advise doing most or all your planning beforeyou even open Storyline. Take your SMEs back (if you can) to defining theirlearning objectives before they start throwing content together, then you candiscuss how you're going to create the course to meet the LOs. It's alwayshelpful to need to have a very clear idea of what you’re going to create(including content, structure, design etc) before starting on development.


I spoke at a conference recently about my planning anddevelopment - here’sa link to my Prezi which includes an outline of the process which you mayfind useful

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