Looking for ideas on converting a visio flow chart into eLearning.

Mar 05, 2014

Hello Articulate Community!  I am looking for ideas on how to convert a Visio flow chart into an eLearning module.  I have been stuck on this for a few days.  I would like to try and make it interactive as much as possible, but can't quite seem to do it. I am using Artiulcate Presenter '13. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.  I have attached a sample of one of the Visio flows that I have.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Angela - 

I'd start with what folks aren't doing (or aren't able to do) now that they are supposed to do. The flow chart looks pretty clear. One of the things I like to do (really, I like it) at the start of a project is question the aims of the project. Questions are a good way to do this. Do I really need to train folks for this? What's the problem at the root of the deficiency? Is the solution more expensive than the problem?

That said, if your problem is folks that haven't experienced the process are apprehensive about engaging in it, then there might be a few ways to deal with this well. Increase confidence by:

- Use an authentic story to walk through the process (show how it's supposed to work). Illustrate the problem and solution in a human way.

- Record some testimonials of known peers - have them tell their story.

- Illustrate the process in an infographic. Something less clinical for folks that might otherwise ignore a clean flowchart.

- Explore with an interactive conversation - Jellyvision style.

A few creative ways to deal with the problem once you've identified it. I'd start with economics. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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