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Hi Friends,

I am working on a Performance Appraisal course that outlines how to rate the employee based on the written feedback and our 1-4 rating system, common mistakes that supervisors make in rating their employees and tips for assessing the employee's performance.

The outline looks like this:

  • Intro to our rating system
  • Explaining what each number represents
  • Scenarios to apply the learning
  • Using increments (3.25, 4.5, etc.)
  • Scenario for increments
  • Applying the N/A rating
  • Scenarios that support N/A
  • Accurately Assessing an Employee's Performance (Tips in an engage tabbed interaction)
  • Common Mistakes to avoid (Quiz where the learner reads an example and chooses the correct term)
  • Final Practice includes scenarios that brings all of the points above together)

I have the content written (and I think that it is solid) but I am struggling with how to make this course graphically appealing.  I have scenarios where you read an employee's PA and then rate it as well as some other scenarios...so it is a situational course but graphically, I am blocking. I need a theme. I was thinking that I could use a ruler throughout bit I'm still not sure. 

Do any of you have some cool idea for making this course graphically interesting?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

blair parkin said:

some ideas that quickly sprang to mind are an employee's file/folder or a form that looks like the PA form. Even an office setting might be ok, with the characters moving in and out for the scenarios (David had a screenr on animation paths and perspectives that I'm thinking of).

Yes, the characters moving in and out that David created was called "How to use the Parallax effect for animated, decision-making scenarios and sounds like it might work for you, Regina (good idea, Blair). I went back through my Tweets, and found the link for you http://bit.ly/eSVWYJ

Good luck!