Looking for inspiration - Bakery product training / product guide

Aug 22, 2017

Hey everybody,

I am building an elarning course for our new employees to show and teach them the most important stuff about our products.

The course should include the most commen types of grains, our top-selling cakes, the varitey of buns and breads that we sell, as well as the beverages the customer can buy at our bakery. 

Of course I could simply put pictures and short descriptions of our products in the training, but I would like to do the whole thing  way more interesting. So that the user has fun during the new Course.

Maybe with little tasks or quizzes, so that the user can test his own knowledge during the course but learns new stuff at the same time.

I would be thankful for any kind of inspiration! 

Thank you guys!

Kind regards,



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Hi Ramona - 

I've shared a few baking-themed examples and downloads. Maybe they'll help you with your project.

Here are a few examples from other users:

There was also a specific E-Learning Challenge for the food and beverage industry: https://community.articulate.com/articles/food-beverage-elearning/

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