Looking for Instructional Design Questions

Sep 25, 2014

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to gather some questions on Instructions Design. I planning on doing a project that is a Halloween/Carnival themed quiz with activities built with the new sliders and motion path features in SL2. I need around 30 questions and I'm looking for some help with them. I'm doing this on my free time, so I don't have too much to spare on doing the research for the questions and would be better spent on putting the course together.

I'm looking for some simple questions, nothing with long answers. Example:

How many levels are there in Blooms taxonomy?



6  (C)  - Correct


I need a variety of question types,  some with multiple correct answers, some with partial correct answers.  The answer choices don't have to be limited to just 4.

I appreciate any help with this,  Thanks

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Mike Taylor

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