looking for material about creating a mobile course

Nov 04, 2015


I'm looking for written material (and examples if possible) about creating a course for mobile devices (mostly phones).

I have the learning material and know how to create an e-learning course but I didn't do it for mobile yet to really understand how to divide it to the different screens and interactions, in order to create a good learning experience.

Where can I start?



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Allison LaMotte
Eugene DeMarco

My name is Gene DeMarco and I work for MRCC. We are a full service custom eLearning provider and I saw your posting. I was curious if you have entertained outsourcing the project to a vendor or at maybe just a part to get you started. We'd love to help
We offer in certain cases up to 70 percent savings over most vendors. We have trained Instructional Designers, Rapid Development Tool i.e. Storyline, Captivate, Lectora experts, Graphic Designers, Animators, Project Managers, and all staff required to make your learning engaging . Our customers include Whirlpool, FINRA, Papa John's, Kellogg's, Pearson, Cengage, and Hunter Douglas just to name a few. Please let me know if this is something you’d wish to explore. Let me know.

Gene DeMarco


Tim Nixon

Hi Shevi,

I have no allegiance to any particular elearning software, however I must admit that I was very surprised to see how poorly ASL2 handles on mobile out of the box. For a start mobile means tablet only, so forget smart phones. Even though ASL2 creates an HTML5 version it seems that on a mobile device you must go through the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) which is not great for a few reasons like some of the global navigation items like RHS "Resources" are simply missing and the AMP also forces a full side menu which means valuable real estate is lost (a whole lot actually). Seems crazy that the AMP doesn't have an option for an open/close menu like the desktop player.

If you're serious about mobile learning then you might want to explore other options that might offer more out of the box.

We are going ahead developing our courses in ASL2 in the hope that Articulate will come to the party and improve the mobile experience in the very near future. This is critical for us staying with ASL2.

Sorry to give you a bad plug ASL2 but it is what it is and you're very far behind on this front. Happy to stand corrected on any of this of course.

Michael Shannon
Tim Nixon

Even though ASL2 creates an HTML5 version it seems that on a mobile device you must go through the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP)

Sorry Tim, this is not true. If you don't check the "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android" then the mobile device uses html5 as a default when you access your course. I never publish using the Mobile Player option and have had no issues with html5 on mobile devices other than the known issues

And as to the menu...well, the better way to address this, especially if you're designing for mobile first (who isn't these days?), is to use a custom player with a custom menu. I know this adds to the complexity and project timeline but the end result is far superior to using the default menu (IMHO). 

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