Looking for Pictures...8-Bit Videogames

May 14, 2012

I am looking for a specific set of pictures for inspiration...

I am creating a customer service course that is going to have either 4 or 5 Levels (modules), and I am setting up the course with a lot of activities.

  • A level can not be completed unless a certain score is achieved. - The bottom inch of the screen is going to display the status throughout the module, and the 'Score' is going to be in the top right corner
  • I want the look/feel of the course to have an 8-bit pixelated theme (Think NES)
  • I do not want to Photoshop every image because when I pixelate images they just come out looking blurry.

What I am looking for is:

  • Video game/DVD menu's for inspiration
  • Screenshots from NES games to see the different layouts.
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Travis Wickesberg


I think someone made an "atari" style font. I'm pretty sure it can be found on "dafont" or another font site. This would allow you to create the menu.

When I google search images for "atari menu", tons of images come up. Most with black backgrounds and colored bit style fonts.

Same thing with "NES games."

I know I'm not much help, but if nothing else at least it's a start.

Shwetha Bhaskar

Hi Eric! You could consider using GameMaker. There's some useful graphics/art you can grab from the various asset folders once you install the program, or even just take screenshots of game screens you create and import them into your project.